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    VIN decoder & Lookup
    VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) – vehicle identification number consisting of 17 characters. The code contains information about the manufacturer and characteristics of the vehicle, and the year of manufacture.
    These numbers are applied to the integral components of the body and on specially made license plates.
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    The VIN consists of three parts:
    the World Manufacturer’s Index (from the 1st to the 3rd character) – this part denotes the geographical area, the country code and the vehicle manufacturer’s code.
    The descriptive part (from the 4th to the 9th character) is the part that characterizes the type of vehicle, its purpose, and the type of engine. In this section, the manufacturer chooses the type, quantity and method of coding independently.
    The identification part (from the 10th to the 17th character) – allows you to distinguish one car from another, even if both the make and model match.
    The code combinations do not use the symbols I, O and Q due to the similarity with the digits 1 and 0.
    The first character is the geographical area
    from A to H – Africa
    from J to R – Asia
    from S to Z – Europe
    from 1 to 5 – North America
    from 6 to 7 – Oceania
    from 8 to 9 — South America
    The second symbol is the manufacturing company.
    The third symbol is the vehicle type or the manufacturer’s division
    From the fourth to the eighth symbols are the characteristics of the car (body type, engine type). Each manufacturer has its own sequence and its own unique designations.
    The ninth character is a check digit (it confirms the correctness of the first 8 characters). Occasionally, European, Japanese and Korean companies use this symbol for additional information about the car.

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